Much ado about a… lampshade?


I have a lot of dresses that mean the world to me. If you are like me you can’t seem to part with them, as they remind you of that special event and occasion.


Let’s face it they can pile up!

I am much better now than when I was younger. I would never wear the same dress more than silly! As I have gotten older I have learned to make better choices in what I buy, and I change accessories. However, I still have a mountain of much loved, and somewhat out-dated “frocks,” as my mother would call them 🙂

So what do you do? Well firstly you get over the separation anxiety and give some away to friends or a local charity shop. Easy! No… I did do that of course, but there are still ones that I love to much! They make me re-live the day/evening I wore them, I just don’t want to part with them, that’s it! I’ve said it. I almost gave these three dresses away last year. I had put on a lot of weight and they were beginning to make me feel …meh! I just couldn’t wear them anymore. I would look at the size and beat myself up over putting on all that weight. I didn’t like the negative feelings I was programming into my mind. I phoned my friend and said I had over 15 fabulous party dresses for her. I sent her pictures from my phone and I listened to her delightful squeals of delight. I was feeling happy about my decision. That was until I start putting them into a, rather large, bag for her.


I actually cried! Can you believe that?! I cried because I felt fat! I felt pressured by myself to not have to look at these dresses ever again. I felt jealous of my friend that she was more slim than I. I felt so miserable and guilty about doing a good deed. Here I was, sitting on my bed, crying over dresses that didn’t fit with a slim and wonderful friend I was envious of for no reason other than myself loathing. My Husband came into our bedroom to see a pile of dresses, a pile of snotty hankies and a wife balling here eyes out!!

After trying to explain my feelings to him (somewhat hysterically I might add), he came up with a solution for me. He is very practical that way (annoyingly at times). He asked which 5 dresses I like the most? And why? I had a little think about it. I picked two green dresses,  a pink one, a black and white polka dot one and a leopard print one. I had a story for each one. My 40th birthday, my best friend’s wedding, a Christmas party and an end of show party for a play I had directed. Then finally the dress I wore to an “Oscars” night in the Theatre group I had been in. I won Best Director for the last ten years, an audience favourite. I was so happy and proud that evening. I also looked great in my leopard print 🙂 Problem solved!


I wiped my eyes and kissed my lovely husband! After packing all the dresses for my friend, I phoned to tell her all about it. Being the wonderful supportive woman she is, she laughed at my apologies and told me I was “only human” and that every woman feels they don’t like things about themselves, they even feel envy for each other. I kind of felt a bit better about myself. I hung up my five dresses and left them there for a few more years.


This year 2017, I decided to make a lot of changes in myself! Actually, it was more the end of 2016. I wanted to embrace life, stop holding on to the past. The old memories would always be there but I need a new outlook.  I began to set up my business and have more focus on what I wanted. I made plans! I went to my wardrobe and did a good clear out. I got to the dresses, what to do now? Firstly, I didn’t cry or rage at myself. I had lost a fair few pounds in the previous year. I had been on a lot of medication and one of the side effects was weight gain. I lost most of that weight when the meds stopped. I’m also 47 so I was never going to have the same shape I had been used to, but I’m ok with that!

The dresses are a little old fashioned now, especially the leopard print ha-ha, but I still loved it! I was going to make something with them. I was thinking maybe a cushion or dolls dresses… Something, anything! As it happens I was also decorating my hallway. I never really throw enough stuff away, I always think “I’ll keep it and fix it”. I had two lamps I had bought last year, I was going to make lampshades.

I looked up a few YouTube videos and got going!!

I’m delighted with my new lampshades. I’m delighted with my new outlook! I still get to re-live those lovely events everyday (without feeling bad about myself).



This is the other lampshade! I love them xx hope you do too 🙂

have a beautiful day

Geri xx


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