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Geri’s Autumn Soup

I love Fall… or Autumn as we call it in Ireland. It is a time for long walks in the woods, gazing at all of the magnificence of Mother Nature’s visual display of the turning of time.

It is a time for reflection, a time to stop and notice change. That change is physical and spiritual. It reflects the circle of life. The beauty of a life lived to the full. Nature is spreading seed for next years growth. All creature prepare  for the winter ahead. They collect the summers harvest and store it We too do the same. We live indoors more during the winter months, so we make our homes more inviting. Soft and warm furnishings, candles and firewood. We preserve food to last us through the winter. If you watch TV in the evening all the best shows are on. We are slowing down.

This is the best time for walks. We get to wear comfortable clothes. The air is crisp not cold! We can collect beautiful coloured leaves, chestnuts, acorns for our winter crafts.

Go apple picking. Plant bulbs for spring. Bake Blackberry pie! what’s not to love.

Brushing up falling leaves in the garden can lead to hours of family fun! jumping in the crispy piles, only to start over again! there is nothing quite like the sound of leaves crunching under your feet, it’s like bursting bubble wrap!

Enjoy this most wonderful time of year! make my Butternut squash soup in the link above. Eat candy apples and drink hot chocolate! read your favourite book or watch a family movie in the evening. Dream about what Halloween costume you want to make for your child/children! Theses are the best of times, enjoy them to the full. Reflect on the wonderful summer months gone past.

Most of all be Thankful xx

Geri xx


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